~Ahhh the good ole Dolphin estate days…it brought me fun and exciting times but it also brought me one particular unfortunate experience which I’m going to share with you…NOTE TO ALL, pls do not laugh o…ok ok you can laugh small! This is another Trouble dey sleep, Mr Williams, the driver and a friend wake am!

So I believe I was in ss2 and my mum was getting ready to travel to the states. Usually when my mum travelled she would get some aunty or one of my older cousins to stay with me. This particular trip she had asked Mama Ibeji, older lady about 60 or so, our across the street neighbor to stay with me. Now this was no problem because she would only cross over at night to sleep and just made sure I was fed. To me it was freedom, I got to stay on the phone till late talking to boys..hehehehe…or watched TV late, what more could a 14 yr old girl ask for?

Well in my case it seemed like I wanted more o, ofcourse I did, I wanted to go hang out with friends and in my case it was possible because it was just me and Mr Williams, the driver, so I would just give him the scoop in the morning that oga pick me up from so and so’s place o, and he didn’t have any problem with it until this one PARTICULAR day.

So in the morning I had already told Mr Williams the deal, no lesson today, just pick me up from chica’s place in dolphin. You see we were planning a party and wanted to go check out the dj for it and also to just hang out, I mean dolphin was fun chai!. Lesson usually ends at 5 so I was expecting Mr Williams to pick me up latest 5:30, my ppl 5:30 , 6, 6:30 no Mr Williams!! Where the heck could he be? Did he forget about the plan and still go to lesson to pick me? This was during the age of no GSM so it wasn’t like I could call and find out his whereabouts. 7 oclock still no Mr Williams, at that point I decided that I should go to the lesson place because he definitely must have forgotten and went there. So my friend’s brother said it was cool that they would drop me back, if you see the hold-up that we jammed ehn, don’t think I have ever prayed so hard to get out of it. We finally reach the lesson place o and GUESS WHAT?!? NO MR WILLIAMS!

Ewoooo you should see the fear that entered my body…I was shaking o, I went back to my school to see if he was there, no sign of him. Luckily for me my uncle lived not too far from school so I decided that I would go to his house and ofcourse I had already formed my lie; I had fallen sick during school and was at the sick bay so probably Mr Williams couldn’t find me and must have gone home. I got to my uncle’s house and GUESS WHAT?!? He was not home!! My uncle is a bachelor, who knows what time he would get back, I sha chose to sit outside his house until he got back home, see mosquito’s biting me..I regretted that decision of going to Damnd, what did I not say to myself.. “who sent you msg sef”, “planning a stupid party” ..finally I saw a car pulling up and got happy cause I thought it was my uncle, WRONG answer! It was my aunty and uncle with no other than MR WILLIAMS!!

So my aunty asked me what happened, that how I began to shake (rem I was supposed to be sick) “emm aunty I was sick and went to the…….” Before I could even finish the sentence I was seeing stars, my aunty had given me a HOT slap! She just said liar, we know you were in DOLPHIN estate! So and so saw you there!

Anyways we got home and once again just like my previous post I had to confess my plan, so my aunty calls Mr Williams and asked him if it was true…my ppl am sure you can guess the answer.. “ Madam it’s a lie o, I never ever discussed such with her, I don’t know what she is talking about, me Madam,e mi ke, lai lai” this guy boned faced and lied looking me dead in the eye..obviously he didn’t want to loose his job. 

The low down was apparently this faithful day Mama Ibeji had decided that she was going to follow Mr Williams to pick me up, they got to lesson couldn’t find me, waited and waited, so she started freaking out, went back home and wailed to my aunty that she has lost Mama Abeni’s only daughter..only for my aunt to call one of my friends who started calling ppl and someone now said yes I saw her in DOLPHIN!

I know you laughing, go ahead and laugh its all good, my cousins tease me till this day about the slap, hehehehehe, don’t even remember if my own mum had slapped me like that in a while!

Enjoy the rest of your week ;-)! ~



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20 Responses
  1. BSNC Says:

    hahaha okay why i am laffing. poor you that slap must be very hot. very interesting post.. have a nice week

    ehen hope you have started jacking o

  2. *Abeni* Says:

    It was hot o!
    Girlie I wanna jack die..almost done sef with startegy, its now time to do past questions!

  3. BSNC Says:

    yes that is very good. keep on the good work...

  4. Buttercup Says:

    loooooooooooooooooooooool! pele!

    ah, but nawa for ur driver o! mschew!

  5. shiii....next time u for siddon for house lol...me sef i've entered my own quanta(sp) so dont worry i'm not laffin....well maybe small

  6. blogoratti Says:

    Cracking up on this,lol.
    Thanks for stopping by at mine's!!

  7. bumight Says:

    lol...of course Mr. Williams hd to lie, after seeing ur aunty giving u a hot slap!...

  8. RocNaija Says:

    Can't blame Oga drifa!

    Besides I'm guessing you never planned a secret bash like that again..

    Some slaps do their jobs... lol

  9. RocNaija Says:

    G'luck with the acada!

  10. Mocha Says:

    LMAO!! **wiping eyes** awon omode gan sef..
    We thought we were so slick..you sef!
    But ur right that was a good laugh xx

  11. *Abeni* Says:

    @ B'cup
    abi you should have seen him, denied it..even the nxt day when it was just me and him..denied it stilll, maybe he thought i had tape recorder or something

    next time i would have gone to lesson jejely o

    Np..will be there more often, you in my blogroll

    thinking about it can't blame him too because am sure he would have been fired!...for where, ofcourse I did just that now it was out in the open...hehehe


    mehnnn..I wanna slick die, and for me it wasn't often o but when I did it was Slickkk if I didn't get caught!

  12. ochuko Says:

    LOL... Mr Williams sha!! He must save his job na. lol...
    Plus pple are always watching. I also saw u in dolphin. LoL

  13. *Abeni* Says:

    @ ochuko
    abi o....its a lie, you didn't see me, maybe it was even you that reported! hehehe

  14. My World Says:

    Very funny,sorry oooooo.
    First timer!

  15. My World Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. *Abeni* Says:

    @ My World
    hehehe...I know o, thanks for stopping by

  17. *Diane* Says:

    lmao!!! hilarious.

  18. Chari Says:

    omo MEHN u go fear plan oh!


  19. Chari Says:

    omo MEHN u go fear plan oh!


  20. olaoluwatomi Says:

    Nice story, love stories about childhood days they seem to be more interesting than adulthood!