Hallo hallo, hope you guys are good. I am alive and well after surviving another week of boot camp! It wasn’t as intense as the last time and one of my girls came with me so it was fun. We ended up staying for Pilates and can I say that Pilates is the TRUTH! Ladies if you hate the gym, this class will make you want to go every gaddem day! I mean I cannot wait till I get as flexible as most of the other efiko’s in the class. If you see all the positions these ladies and 1 particular Dancer guy were doing, I think my eye opened well well. So my workout regime is definitely going to be Boot Camp for Cardio and Toning, Pilates for Ab work out and Flexibility, it’s going to be great. Anyways not much is happening asides that, new week and I definitely have a new outlook on life, which I am excited about. Aaah BSNC tagged me in the 8 meme thingie so here it is~


8 Things I look forward to
1. April 30th – pay day and every 2 wks after that

2. Mummy bringing Snails, Asun (peppered goat meat) and Yam!
3. Being Debt Free
4. Getting into Business School
5. Having a nice relationship with Baba God
6. Getting Married and having a wonderful and blessed family
7. The KoKo Mansion show - Dbanj’s version of flavor of love. Can we say DRAMA!
8.This coming weekend

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Went to Church
2. Went to the spa – much needed
3. Took a nap
4. Ate good food
5. Talked to mummy, damn forgot to give her my list of goodies
6. Went to the pharmacy and almost got home before realizing that I left what I went to buy
7. Procrastinated on doing laundry till it was too late
8. Watched my “We” and ‘TLC” shows

8 Things I wish to do
1. Get this damn GMAT exam out the way

2. Do Laundry like ASAP
3. Listen to Wande Coal’s CD all day every day!
4. Buy anything I want without blinking my eye or thinking what I could be using the money for
5. Book my Caribbean trip ASAP also…I always go somewhere every yr, don’t see why this should be an exception
6. Get a new Black Berry, javelin is calling my name
7. Buy some nice sandals for the summer
8. Eat more fruits, you know I actually ate a whole lot of fruits back home.
 I wonder why it changed?! Have to fix soonest

8 shows I watch
(so no particular favorites but……)
1. Most VHI shows, Flavour of Love..yes yes its not on but am sure he’ll be back soon
3. Most *cough cough* wedding shows on WE tv..you know them ladies on Bridezilla’s crack all of me up
4. Weeds
5. Entourage
6. TLC shows, whatever I catch that is interesting or just downright funny; toddlers and tiaras..hella funny

7. Family Guy
8. Bravo Shows esp Project Runway, although heard they are now going to show it on lifetime..eek

Ok I don’t have 8 bloggers to tag cuz everyone has been tagged. Pls do it if you want to J


Enjoy your week  ;-)


So I had a post up the other day but took it down after a while once I felt a little better, I am happy I found blogsville, it was a therapeutic process for me to do even if I removed it. Thanks Bibi and Roc.

Anyways I have had a gym membership for a little over a month and decided last week Thursday to finally use it when they sent out an email for Beach Body Boot Camp workout. Now I think I have only worked out once in a gym and that’s because I went with someone, I am one of those people who is completely clueless about what to go do in a gym.  So I always say if they are offering classes that I don’t have to pay extra money for I’ll go. This class obviously came at a convenient time because summer is lurking around the corner and I just have to get rid of that naija trademark, you know what am talking about now, whether you are skinny or fat it is just there, that annoying TUMMY!! from eating too much eba, rice, yam, pounded yam..any carbohydrate out there is our best friend, atleast mine…hehehe.

So I’m all psyched about it, packed gym clothes and one of my sole surviving dunks (from my American days) to work out in, didn’t have time to buy work out trainers…(I even asked one of my friends if ppl would laugh at me..hehehe..abeg they’ll be alright) and was ready to hit the gym after work. The class was supposed to start at 6 and my ass got there at like 5:55, so I quickly put my towel down to hold a spot, rushed to go change in the bathroom ofcourse , I am not yet accustomed to this whole strip naked in front of ppl they do in gyms and ran back upstairs. That’s how when I got back one spanish mamacita had taken the spot I was holding, telling me she had put all her exercise stuff there.. I was seriously about to bounce her until she was nice enough to say she’ll help me get the weights and all the extra stuff we needed, mehnn good thing she said that cause  I was KULULESS.

The makeup of the class was interesting, first of it was mainly female and maybe 2 guys, you had your efiko’s up in the front doing stretches for days, jumping up and down, getting really pumped for the class meanwhile there were those of us in the back that had the looks on our faces like what did we get ourselves into. So 6:15 came and the trainer starts the class, woooo when I say this SHIT was intense it was INTENSE! The trainer used to be in the army for 7 yrs so it was real boot camp for us. From jumping jacks, to mountain climbers, to all them arm exercises, to push ups, to lifting weights then maybe a 2 minute break, to squats, to every xercise that you could possibly squeeze in an hour and half.  I think the squats was the hardest especially for one of the guys, the dude was just buckling, you could see the pain in his soul, I tried not to laugh o. It was so bad that the trainer now said the first person to get up from the squats had to stand in front of him, and who was ofcourse the first to get up?? You guess right! it was the guy, his punishment had to be the most embarrassing..He to stand on the trainer’s thighs (the trainer was in the squat position also) until we all finished!

Anyways more than half way through I was very sure I had died, gone to heaven, where else would I have gone Jand come back, the kind of pain I was in was just not cool ahnahn, all this for beach body!... I sha managed to get through the hour and half class and no lie I didn’t recover for atleast 3 days. But guess what my ass will be there this Thursday again!

Hope you all are good, BSNC no update? What’s going on?


OK OK OK, so no I’m not blind but I had to get glasses yesterday!!

I forgot to tell you guys but the previous 2 wks I had been having headaches off and on all day everyday, I don’t usually get headaches so I gave in last Friday and went to see the doctor. As usual she asked like hundreds of questions and one of her suggestions in narrowing the reason for the headaches was to go get my eyes checked out in case I was having some eye strains, also keep a diary as to when I got the headaches and what I was doing at the time of the headaches and asked me to do a follow up this Friday.  Of course you guys should know that as soon as I decided to go to the hospital without any medical treatment the headaches sort of just reduced but why now?? The dokitor would now think I was making it up or something! Anyways still Thank God cause they were hella annoying. Not to be a bad patient I decided to go do the eye exam yesterday so I covered everything she asked me to do. The optician was a nice lady and after doing all sorts of diff tests she says to me “miss, you do have a little astigmatism in your eyes, most ppl’s eyes are round but yours is oval and since you sit in front of a computer all day I recommend you getting some glasses to help ease tension in your eyes and take of the glare, you have perfect sight though” am like huh?? There’s nothing wrong with my eyes, whats this lady on about but at the end of the day, I got the glasses. So I get back to work and my coworker told me that everyone has some sort of astigmatism (which is true, thx google) , I might not really need them and that they probably just made a sale of me, that’s how they got him into buying glasses and his eyes are bad now!

Naija girl like me, I was mad naa, make a sale of me?? Trying to sauve money out my pocket..hmmmppfff! I no go gree o, only for me to pick up the glasses and actually wear them and see the difference they made! Sighhhh..so I guess I really did need them after all. Wait till I tell my mum this she’s just going to be laughing at me, bonafide geek!

Anyways Bumight tagged me in the Name, Animal, Place, Thing game aka One Word Meme, so here’s my shot at it

*Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
*They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
*You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
* Dont google ur answers.
*Make it as interesting and fun as you can.

1. What is your name: 
2. A four Letter Word: 
3. A boy's Name: Aaron
4. A girl's Name: 
5. An occupation: Agriculturist
6. A color: Aqua
7. Something you'll wear: 
Asoebi for owambe party
9. A food: 
Akara (bean cakes)
10. Something found in the bathroom: Air Freshener.. for the ppl that take nasttyyyy dumps, must need!
11. A place: Accra
!2. A reason for being late: Abusing the danfo driver
13. Something you'd shout
: Afuruginaya..( I love you baby..Igbo ppl correct my spelling o)
14. A movie title:
Angels and Demons (shebi they are coming out  with it this yr?)
15. Something you drink
: A shot of patron (ok not legit but when you ordering you say “can I get A shot” hehee)
16. A musical group: Az Yet (who remembers them??)

17. An animal: Anteater 
18. A street name: 
Azikiwe drive
19. A type of car: Accord
20. The title of a song: Am still in love with you… (ok so its I’m but naija’s will say am hehehe)

Who to tag, who to tag….BSNC and B'cup you guys have done it already so I hear by tag scribbles, Mocha, Roc, Solomonsydelle and whoever else that wants to do it!


Hey ppl, Long time o! how was your easter?…mines was not bad at all, overall a relaxing wknd. My LoverMan was around so hey, I wasn’t alone, yay!

So in my usual tradition of gisting you about my past experiences,(nothing new is happening asides studying whomp whomp) here’s another story for you.

When I was younger my mum wasn’t a church goer but she made sure if I went to stay over at a relative’s place or if there was just a close friend of hers who lived around me , I attended church. Glory be to God, she started attending about 8 years ago and has since given her life to Christ, you go mum!

So when I say I have been to soo many different churches, is it foursquare, Anglican, redeemed, I think I refused to enter cele, but sha sha you get the gist, I have been too a lot of churches and  have 2 memorable stories that had me thinking Dang yoooo are you serious type stuf, which I wanted to share. You know how kids can sometimes we wise for their age, me I definitely knew what I thought Baba God might not be too pleased at o.

Disclaimer: these are my personal experiences o, don't be offended...they just stayed with me for life!

No 1 – Foursquare

I used to live near a foursquare church and one faithful evening, some aunty was going to the church and decided that I would attend night vigil with her; I think my mum had travelled. First off, I was already scared of the church, because you know how in naij there wouldn’t be NEPA and then in the middle of the night churches will start their night vigil and you can actually here the prayers; casting out evil spirits, binding and having battles with the devil type prayers..mehn I was scared o but what could I do but attend. Little did I know I was in for a scarring experience! So we get to church and its times for prayers..yes the casting demons type prayers…my heart started beating cause I sha didn’t want no evil spirit flying around me, I immediately shut my eyes and just covered myself with the Blood of Jesus, that how I made mistake of opening my eyes o…why did I see this Pregnant lady, she must have been atleast 7 months start jumping around, I really don’t know I guess she was filled with the Holy spirit or either casting evil spirit out of her, next thing I knew she was rolling on the floor! On her stomach! This scarred me o cuz I was just thinking about her baby, what if she hurt the baby, I wanted to go and help her but what could little ole me do? I was just thinking where are the church officials to help her up? But no one came to help her, my ppl when I say this picture still stays in my mind till today and I must have been like 8 or 9, its here o…this to me was def a Dang Yooo..Baba God might not be to happy with this!.

No 2 – Household of God

This story to me is just too damn funny. Soo my cousin and I attended the church with one of our uncles and of course when it was time for the main service, we got sent to children’s church. Me I didn’t like going to children’s church o, afterall I was grown in my mind and could handle adult preaching..abi am I the only one who felt like that? Anyways we ended up in children’s church and they started their service, when it was time for prayers, the older kids that where teaching immediately shouted “IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPEAK IN TONGUES PLS MOVE OVER HERE!” ahh me that I had never attended quickly shifted over, next thing one of the teachers now came and said “ok I am going teach you just open your mouth and say whatever comes to you head” aahhhhhh shioo what if it’s something bad so I should just say it? I thought it was supposed to come from the Lord? I thought the spirit was supposed to move you? the boy standing next to me gave me a look like “I don’t know about this o”…she was like “JUST DO IT!” let’s just say I was happy when the whole deal was over cause that just made me say DANG YOOO! My silly Uncle goes what if you said “I I I I want to eat rice and beansssssss” dry guy.

Enjoy your week ;-)


~Ahhh the good ole Dolphin estate days…it brought me fun and exciting times but it also brought me one particular unfortunate experience which I’m going to share with you…NOTE TO ALL, pls do not laugh o…ok ok you can laugh small! This is another Trouble dey sleep, Mr Williams, the driver and a friend wake am!

So I believe I was in ss2 and my mum was getting ready to travel to the states. Usually when my mum travelled she would get some aunty or one of my older cousins to stay with me. This particular trip she had asked Mama Ibeji, older lady about 60 or so, our across the street neighbor to stay with me. Now this was no problem because she would only cross over at night to sleep and just made sure I was fed. To me it was freedom, I got to stay on the phone till late talking to boys..hehehehe…or watched TV late, what more could a 14 yr old girl ask for?

Well in my case it seemed like I wanted more o, ofcourse I did, I wanted to go hang out with friends and in my case it was possible because it was just me and Mr Williams, the driver, so I would just give him the scoop in the morning that oga pick me up from so and so’s place o, and he didn’t have any problem with it until this one PARTICULAR day.

So in the morning I had already told Mr Williams the deal, no lesson today, just pick me up from chica’s place in dolphin. You see we were planning a party and wanted to go check out the dj for it and also to just hang out, I mean dolphin was fun chai!. Lesson usually ends at 5 so I was expecting Mr Williams to pick me up latest 5:30, my ppl 5:30 , 6, 6:30 no Mr Williams!! Where the heck could he be? Did he forget about the plan and still go to lesson to pick me? This was during the age of no GSM so it wasn’t like I could call and find out his whereabouts. 7 oclock still no Mr Williams, at that point I decided that I should go to the lesson place because he definitely must have forgotten and went there. So my friend’s brother said it was cool that they would drop me back, if you see the hold-up that we jammed ehn, don’t think I have ever prayed so hard to get out of it. We finally reach the lesson place o and GUESS WHAT?!? NO MR WILLIAMS!

Ewoooo you should see the fear that entered my body…I was shaking o, I went back to my school to see if he was there, no sign of him. Luckily for me my uncle lived not too far from school so I decided that I would go to his house and ofcourse I had already formed my lie; I had fallen sick during school and was at the sick bay so probably Mr Williams couldn’t find me and must have gone home. I got to my uncle’s house and GUESS WHAT?!? He was not home!! My uncle is a bachelor, who knows what time he would get back, I sha chose to sit outside his house until he got back home, see mosquito’s biting me..I regretted that decision of going to Damnd, what did I not say to myself.. “who sent you msg sef”, “planning a stupid party” ..finally I saw a car pulling up and got happy cause I thought it was my uncle, WRONG answer! It was my aunty and uncle with no other than MR WILLIAMS!!

So my aunty asked me what happened, that how I began to shake (rem I was supposed to be sick) “emm aunty I was sick and went to the…….” Before I could even finish the sentence I was seeing stars, my aunty had given me a HOT slap! She just said liar, we know you were in DOLPHIN estate! So and so saw you there!

Anyways we got home and once again just like my previous post I had to confess my plan, so my aunty calls Mr Williams and asked him if it was true…my ppl am sure you can guess the answer.. “ Madam it’s a lie o, I never ever discussed such with her, I don’t know what she is talking about, me Madam,e mi ke, lai lai” this guy boned faced and lied looking me dead in the eye..obviously he didn’t want to loose his job. 

The low down was apparently this faithful day Mama Ibeji had decided that she was going to follow Mr Williams to pick me up, they got to lesson couldn’t find me, waited and waited, so she started freaking out, went back home and wailed to my aunty that she has lost Mama Abeni’s only daughter..only for my aunt to call one of my friends who started calling ppl and someone now said yes I saw her in DOLPHIN!

I know you laughing, go ahead and laugh its all good, my cousins tease me till this day about the slap, hehehehehe, don’t even remember if my own mum had slapped me like that in a while!

Enjoy the rest of your week ;-)! ~



~Sooooooooooooo I didnt study yesterday :-( :-( :-( I know I know, sowiee naa, the plan was to do some house chores and then hit the books but wha had hpnd was my little cousin, 14 yr old chica, had her final competition to become part of a spoken word team and I had to attend to support her!. It was such a BIG deal because she was performing at a very famous theater plus the team gets to go compete in Chicago with against other SLAM teams for title of best in country.
You see I had been at her first and second round competitions, this girl btw was the youngest to compete beating out some REALY REALLY good older poets, the content of her material is just ridic, am like and you are how old again?!? anywhooo her mum had called me around 5:30 saying that they had an extra ticket (I waited too long that by the time I was ready to buy my own it was sold out, least to say the kid was bummed o!) and asked if I could still make for 7 to the show, what was I supposed to say than ofcourse I'll jump in the shower and be right there!.
I made it there by 7:30 and luckily for me she had not gone on yet, I love my black ppl they started a lil late, so i settled in to watch the show. Ppl am I the only one who sometimes doesn't understand what this poets are saying, when they get in their zones and they start speaking all this big grammatics, am still stuck on trying to figure the meaning of what they saying that have either moved on to some other big word or they have even finished the poem, all i was saying was Na wa oooo! long story short, she didn't make it,*sob sob*, but she did her very best though, she was exceptional and she got to perform the second peom she had written, they had made her the honorary poet for the night!
Afterwards we took her out and I was supposed to go home oooooooooo but my girls had been bbming (black berry msgr, if you don't have a black berry get with the program!) about going out and in the end I succumbed to it, it was already 12, I was just going to go home to sleep, so heck I decided to go out with them and I must say once of the best nights ever!!!
We went to a hookah bar first, twas funn! pls make sure to try pomegranate flavour if you go...it was an oyinbo scene so you know once the blacks walked in the DJ had to play us and start playing some hiphop and reggae..but after a couple songs the guy held his own o..doing throw back, everyone remember "here comes the hotstepper, murdererrrr, am the lyrical gangster, murdererrrrr" we sha boogied...so after we finished smoking, hehehe, just like the say that to sound "cool", we headed to this coded spot and met up with one of our guy friends there who sharply got us in....it was 2am and girls were definitely not feening to do stand on line! so we get in and are just having a ball man, the DJ was on point!, after a while one of my girls starts silently screaming..."OMG AJ is standing right behind you and Biggie is to your right!!!!!" am like huh, so I turned around and truth be told twas AJ, rem AJ? from 106 and park and Biggie was the dude that played biggie in the movie, dont know his real name..AHHHHH love my city, so ofcourse we had to be groupies, and rolled up to biggie and ask for his picture and didn't want to make AJ feel bad so ran up on him also to take a picture also :-)

SO ofcourse I had to crop myself out the picture, but yes this was from last night not some random picture from the web!! :-P, and no lie this dude was huge man...live size teddy bear!

And here's AJ...boringggggg...think he's a D-lister now, my friend asked him what he does now and he was like he has some entertainment show..dunno anything about it..but still I guess is nice to see somewhat famous ppl!

am really bad in this whole picture placing thingie but ALL in ALL it was a fun night and am actually glad I went, winding down from this past week's activities...btw nobody has responded yet to my roommate ad, hope you are praying o! and I WILL study today, pinkie swear after I finish cooking jollof rice, fried rice, stew, pasta....yum yum getting hungry writing them down,all for this week's lunch o...dont intend on buying lunch this wk, saves me a TON of money :-)....HAPPY PALM SUNDAY btw and have a great week!~

~ Blow after blow, ok really only 2 blows but stillllll, this wk has been a tad rough, omo mehn…I mean I can recover from the blows, its just that it gets discouraging sometimes when you think you have taken 10 steps forward only to be knocked a couple of notches down.

Situation 1-

Even before I could gist you guys of roommate no 4, she just told me Tuesday evening that her company will be folding (damn this recession!) and she is going to be returning back to her country guess when?!? By the end of the month…sigh just when I said to BSNC that I didn’t want to live with anyone else until I finally went to my husband’s house, now I have to look for someone new!  It’s not that bad but remember from my earlier post about roommate 1&2, damn scary stories, I had just about had it living with other people and really did not want to have to deal with it anymore. I have sha sha sharply put up an ad on craigslist, that’s how I found roommate 4, and hopefully I get responses soon. Pray for me ppl o that I get someone sensible and responsible this FINAL (God abeg naaa) go around. This conditionreally needs to hurry up and stop making crayfish bend o.

Situation 2-

Now remember also my debt, well last month 2 of my cards limit got reduced because of “economic conditions”, now they were not reduced by a lot but it definitely is a bad thing because it makes your credit debt ratio horrible and definitely puts you in the high risk profile to lenders. Quick example so you can understand where am coming from, let’s say your limit is $1000 and you owe $500, so you have $500 credit space left abi…this stupid card companies will now cut your limit down to $600..making it seem like you maxed out your card!!. Well this happened to me and I had to call to fight them telling them to reassess my records and see my history but them no gree o…I mean that shit hurt, after working hard to pay of f the debt , it was encouraging to me seeing the space free up on the card, so for me it was as if I was starting all over again by them doing that. Anyways I let it go, only for me to wake up this morning to see that I got hit hard, VERY hard by my American express card…I mean like hard! They reduced that sucker by a whole lot o…and I think this one even hurt the most. Anyways I will just continue to stick to my plan to get rid of all my debt.

It is definitely a lesson learnt and I guess all I can do is dust myself off and keep it moving !!

Besides that, how you guys doing? Anything special planned for the weekend? As for me I’m fine jare, my loverman was with me this wk so that was great (B’cup its still long distance o L, so we relate on that level, only difference is we are in the same country and thankfully same coast) and my weekend plans are to STUDY STUDY STUDY! I had initially set end of april to take my GMAT exam but *cough cough* let’s see what happens mid april.

Take a care or two ~