~Hi ppl, hope your week is going good so far, I have managed to be late to work  every day this week and don’t know if it will change before the week is up, I just can’t get myself to get out of bed before 7 even though my alarm is set for 6! Oh well they will all be alright in my office!

I just remembered an embarrassing but funny story from primary school that I just had to share with you; it had me cracking up at my silliness this morning. I believe this happened in primary 2 during our final exams.

I don’t remember what subject but Brainy like me, have to toot my own horn naa, (make myself feel better for the sheer stupidity about to happen), had finished the exam early and was feeling so sure about it that after double checking went to hand in my paper to the teacher. Of course she sent me back to my desk because you were not allowed to go out of the classroom until exam was over, you know how the teachers used to send tell you to go and sleep, so I proceeded to sleep or daydream or something..anyway a good amount of time went by and the teacher said “PENCILS UP, PASS YOUR PAPER FWD!” , so I wake up from sleep and I start freaking out, guess why, hahahahahahahahaha! because I could not find my paper, I STUPIDLY forgot that I had handed my paper and proceeded to search everywhere for it, all sorts of thoughts ran through my mind, “who is the thief that stole my paper?”, “did it fly somewhere and I didn’t notice it”, “where the heck could it be??”, but obviously I tried not to seem frantic to the teacher who probably didn’t even notice me since I handed it earlier.

So you know what Abeni Troubledeysleep does?? There was a boy sitting next to me so I took his paper and erased his name and wrote mine buhahahaha and then passed it forward to submit it. My ppl isn’t that real “trouble dey sleep, yanga (or Olodo as Chari J said) go wake am” behavior??? The boy sef was not sharp, how will someone take your exam and you wouldn’t report? Although I wouldn’t lie I felt relieved after all I won’t get zero on the exam.

So trust that my mum got called to school after the exams where marked because for some weird reason Abeni had 2 exams, one with perfect score, remember I said I was a brainy naa (shey you see am not an olodo) and another with almost zero, not me lai lai and ofcourse they did investigation to see how I had been doing in school overall, they also took a look at the handwriting, some CSI stuff going on, hehehe. So ofcourse I had to confess what I did and what was the number one punishment of primary school?? Write lines 100 times….. I will never ever take someone else’s paper and write my name on it!

Hope this brought some laughter to your day; it sure did bring to mine! ~

~ Mehn when I say I have had one kind of kwe kwe luck with roommates I REALLY have had it o! so for the past month or so I haven't been home on the weekends so when I come back home am just like dead tired after doing ROUTINE during the week to do any serious house chores, this saturday rolls by and am home so I'm cleaning my room (with plans on doing the rest of the house) and I go out to throw some stuff only to see that my roommate has taken the thrash out of the bathroom...You don't even know how I want to curse her out because in my head am like is that all you are going to do??? this isn't overreacting when I tell her story, anyways let me start from the beginning explaining my woes with ALL roommates I have had!

Roomates 1 & 2 -

Ahh my first set of roommates after moving out from my cousin's place (you know living with extended family also has its quanta, yet another story) a year after being in the states. 2 naija sisters, we'll call them Sade and Jumoke. I was looking for a roommate and they were looking for a place to stay so it was the perfect arrangement. If only I knew what was going to happen I would have jejely not roomed with anyone to begin with but as they say naa condition make crayfish bend so its was what it was.
Sade was what you called the definition of LAZY, I mean if you check dictionary you should see Sade there, kai kai kai...she can use the same towel for the whole year round and not give a shit, but what is my business that's her own personal hygiene but when you don't clean the space we are sharing there comes the problem.
Jumoke was cool in terms of carrying her weight in the house, of course which was a little suprising since she was the younger one.
So what we did was basically come up with an arrangement that one person does the bathroom, one person kitchen, one person living room...after all 3 spaces, 3 ppl. Well it would work for 2 wks but if I travelled out of town ( enjoying life in college naa) my own chore would not be carried out..but if it was Sade who went Jumoke and I would do her own o, I couldn't comprehend it and then what was the worstest was when I went to nigeria for like a month and came back and saw the bathroom which was mine was not washed!!! like how do you shower for 1 whole month and not wash bathroom..infact just not bath at all now, what kind of wahala is this??.
Now you know when my mum came to visit, all that laziness shit wasn't going to fly..cuz before we moved in together our mums had talked and you know naijas my daughter is your daughter stuff, feel free to treat her like yours, so she said to solve the problem so the house can be cleaned, each week one person will clean the whole house, after all unless you get a maid right from the jump in your husbands house will you not clean your house yourself?!, also that way nobody felt like they got stuck doing harder chore than the other. hmmppff for where, that one no work o for Sade atleast..anyways lets just say Glory be to God the day she moved after graduating college, cuz me and Jumoke had our rappore and we kept it up.

So then am sure the next question is were is the eeeeeeek for this story coming in..and it is coming right now! Soooo me and Jumoke moved to a new apartment and continued with our cleaning habits which was great but slowly we sha drifted apart in friendship once her sister moved, plus she has some kind of attitude that just didn't rub well with me and used to do things that irked me out e.g. if my mum was around she would only wash her own plate even if my mum left only a cup in the sink, so I figured all for the better. I am a laid back kind of person so if you just do your responsibilites then there's no problem we don't have to be best of friends.

My mum is very afrocentric so she had brought me some artifacts for the living room...so Jumoke comes to me to say drumroll pls.."Abeni these things look like Idols and as a child of God I don't want them in my living room, pls can you move it to your room" ...i was befuddled..I had to say come again...so she said something of this sort again "Abeni they remind me of things from the village...sango worshipping..I'm a born again christian..."..my people, everyone is allowed their own opinions o but if in the span of 3 good years of living together you enter church 2 times, I don't see you spreading the word of God and living a spirit filled life (am sure she had her own way of being a born again christian,righttt), I mean am not a holier than thou christian but abegii don't come to me with that kind of statement, so I proceeded to explain to her that i don't think my mum would want to put jazz in our house, my mum is a christian and they were just simply gifts to help add some flair to our apartment. Instead of her to say let's pray about it,omo the girl no gree o, she kept saying I should take it to my room, I mean are you serious if it was sango filled do you think evil cannot fly and come and catch you in your room and that's when proceeded to tell her all the things that had been building up, and told her I don't think this living arrangement is working out for me. long story short, you should see the way she changed when we actually sat down to talk, she cried saying she didn't know she behaved that way and that maybe we could work things out..blah blah, mehn am a softie but I just kinda had had it with her..plus my mum wasn't having none of it. So she ended up moving out!

Ok this post is getting long didn't realize just one story would be this long, and I took a lot out also o! so I'll talk about the other 2 in another post...sighhhh..anyways have a good week and I think am starting to enjoy blogging o, was it me who said I didn't like to write?? no jinxing before I wouldn't have anything else to write about.

Have a blessed week ;-) ~

~I really really really can't wait for the next stage of my life to begin, you know that feeling you get when you graduate college and can't wait to get a job to begin "real" life, well now got the job (which is just kewl but a bit too routine for me...we can call it blah for now) and its like ok what next? I mean you know when before you graduate and you are interviewing or someone asks you what your 5 yr plan is and you give this text book definition dreams of what you would accomplish and come to find out well for me 1 yr and 9 months in that errrr its not really going as I thought it would.

 See my first couple of months out of college I was just enjoying my life spending money, having fancy lunches, I work right btw several stores so I spent my lunch breaks not window shopping anymore but actually buying more clothes and shoes which are currently collecting dust in my closet better still waiting for my mum to come ship them to naij can you imagine what else I could have done with all the money I spent on those things?? I mean it was like not earning $300 every 2wks was like a miracle to me, so why not gbadun a lil bit. 

So that phase quickly ran its course, REALITY set in given that I of course now had responsibilities of paying those annoying things called Bills..don’t we all wish they would just disappear into thin air and then slowly but surely I could see my life falling into the ROUTINE. Wake up, get ready for work, go to work, come back from work, eat dinner and go to sleep. Occasionally going to a friends shin ding, the days of random clubbing went out the window once school was out (ok I lied, I still did have fun but it was always in spurts..on and off periods..winter time was def off! too cold).

 The ROUTINE of course is now the ongoing life I have right now, plus a boyfriend so that always spices things up (I love you A)  and oops did I forget to mention debt also, nooo not from all those clothes and shoes..but from taking a big deal of risk which I lost L..we’ll save that for a different post…only if I could sell the clothes and shoes to contribute to the payment.

 Least to say I am currently living the average American life (the debt is the icing on the cake abi) and am tired of it, so the question is of course what the hell is next?? Well for one I have decided that I am going to business school after much tossing and turning, I was fortunate to have studied what I loved in undergrad and grad but now it’s time to mix it with what would bring me the real MULA…cool cash and I want to do this next year.. at least I’ve got that figured out but its like ok, so why cant it happen this moment and remove me from this dulling americoco life for now.  Like it’s always said patience is the key so for now I will just continue with my routine, while steadily putting plans in place, GMAT to conquer first…blehhhhh!~

~This is totally surreal because I absolutely ABSOLUTELY hate writing! you see I studied math in college and you know the 3 english requirements you are to meet, well i managed to wiggle my way around them one way or the other...i'll tell the story later! but hey am here!

let see if this would help me polish my writing skills as i would soon have to write essays to business schools...gashhhhhhhhh! hope you guys have ideas out there for me, because i have no choice but to get into these schools o i intend to get into every school i apply to! i need that big fat paycheck that will come after getting an MBA.. and also my name would look much better
Abeni Troubledeysleep B.A. M.A. M.B.A. abi no be like that our naija ppl they write am..hehehe.

And am also sure you wondering why the name of the blog is trouble dey sleep, well for one we'll see if there's any yanga that would be woken up soon, maybe some or none at all! there's always some random interesting thing happening~

Toodles for now!