Hi all, yesterday was my birthday..and might I just say that I am sooo grateful to God for allowing me see another year, I just can't thank Him enough. I had a good weekend and I know that this year will be filled with abundant blessings. Thank God also for my family, man and friends, they made it fun! Have a good week :-)

~Friday is here o, finally… by tomorrow I will be a week away from my umpteenth 18th birthday, sighhhh…..feels great I must say. I’m just grateful to God that by his grace I will be able to celebrate my birthday with all my loved ones.

Anywhooo let me get to the story for today. So back in the days I believe I must have been about 8 or 9, I could not swallow medicine for nothing, I hated it soooo much that I would rather have gotten shots than take a pill, pls which normal child out there really likes needles? I did o that’s how much I didn’t like swallowing. That’s how I now decided to be sick o, I think I had malaria don’t really remember right now and you know naija pharmacy now, they will write on that their plastic bag they used to put the medicine in “take pill 1x daily for 14 days” , gosshhh it was like nightmare for me….now I tried on my own to swallow and it wasn’t working…mumsie would have to crush it for me to take it, then ofcourse she didn’t have time for that so in came the eba trick. The problem with the trick was that my mum told me the medicine was in the eba, so of course I searched for the medicine in the eba… I would chew the eba looking for it and once I found it, I just excused myself from the table saying I had to go to the bathroom, then I did the unthinkable…but I had to first pray to God (you know now), *ahem*, this was my prayer , “ God, please forgive, don’t let mummy be angry at me..but I can’t swallow this medicine, I know you’ll make me feel better” and guess what happened next?? I flushed it down the toilet! This was my routine for a couple of days and for the life of my mum she couldn’t tell why I wasn’t recovering as fast as I should.

So that’s how we were going to Tejousho market and I made the mistake of telling the driver, hmnnn before I knew it when my mum got in the car, the driver just spilled the beans on me…I should have known that drivers always had it in for me, read my previous post to get the jist. Can I just say that my mum was livid as hell, she shouted at me o and to make matters worster than worst she told everyone in that tejousho market what I had done hahahahhha..it wasn’t funny back then o, I just wanted to go home and cry mehn, so ofcourse my mum made sure every night after that she watched me swallow the medicine…and lets just say I damn well had to find a way to do it, cuz that woman wasn’t letting me out her sight until I did it.

Enjoy your weekend ;-) ~


Wow a year already, I remember this day vividly last year.

But let’s first rewind back to June 15 2008, I went to church and finally had made the decision to break up with my boyfriend of four years, I thought it would be tough but in a way I felt at peace because I knew God had already confirmed the decision for me and when you get confirmation from the Big Man it is definitely the right and best decision to go with. (the four year boyfriend story will be for another day as to how I knew it wasn’t meant to be) The breakup went smooth and driving back home, all I could think about was you. But there was one thing, we were yet to see in person since we started having these strong feelings for each other, how did we know it wasn’t just a phone, internet thing, we had to see in person and so sometime in the evening we made plans for me to come see you the next day.

June 16, 2008. I got to work and told my boss that I had to leave early due to some “personal issues” I had to take care of. I left work to catch the 12pm train. I think I went through a ton of emotions and series of questions, “what the heck am I doing?”, “could this really be possible?”, “God did you really put this person on this earth for me?”, “where is the film crew because this has got to be a movie!” e.t.c. The train ride was long but I finally got there at 3pm. I waited for you for about 5 mins to pick me up and I could swear that was the longest 5 mins I ever had to wait for someone. You finally showed up and when I got in the car all we could do was just stare at each other for a while, we got some food and went back to your place and I noticed that you continued staring at me. We talked for a bit and unfortunately time had run out as my train back was at 4pm. But one thing was established and maybe a bit overwhelming, it definitely was not a phone thing…these were real feelings, wonderful feelings, indescribable feelings and it felt damn good. When my train arrived we shared a kiss goodbye and on the train ride back we both poured our hearts out to each other. I made sure you knew that you were God sent, regardless of whatever happened, helping me buckle up and get my priorities back in focus, helping me see the kind of woman I am meant to be, also knowing that I could go back to being the old me, the loving and sweet me, truly and honestly just being myself with you, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I finally got back at 7pm and when I got home, I thanked God again for the day and for you and went to bed with a smile on my face.

I will always always remember today, because it definitely was the beginning of a new day and new life for me. Your friend dubbed it the 3-1-3 day, I travelled for 3 hours to come see you only to spend 1 hour with you and then travelled 3 hours to go back home. So here’s to today, thanking God for the gift of life, the gift of clarity and for allowing us to start our lives together not to long after. I love you.

Hallo Hallo!
been MIA again for a while but my mum was in town visiting from naija and I had to spend some QT with her, nothing better than having meals ready for you when you get back home from work and learning new skills in the kitchen, I mean my mum thought me how to make pounded yam in the microwave..can you beat that!, you men enjoy o! anyways she left on saturday.. :( but it's all good I have food stocked for atleast the next 2 weeks.

So Tori Tori o...this one is actually present day tori. My loverman's sister is getting married wohooo! and her friends and I are planning her bridal shower and hen night. We had already discussed a bunch of stuff and agreed on starting a message thread to include other people that want to be involved in the planning process. Anyways that's how we started the thread on facebook, and her friend was like o I'm going to need you to add "Chica" as your friend, she's expecting your request, pls send one to her, now "Chica" happened to be one of my loverman's ex's o...but from a while back so am like hey whatever, I'll add, although really there wasn't any need to since we could all discuss on the thread without being friends.

So we continued planning o, all of a sudden I noticed her friend had copied the whole message thread over into a new one and am wondering why the need for that, that's when I noticed there was a new addition: "Chica #2!" who happens to be my loverman's ex right before me! you see his sister is a cool girl and happens to be friends with his ex's so I guess they had to be involved in the planning abi, I mean its hella random sha although neither one has really said anything on the thread, I wonder if it is akward for them...but I think thats not even the funny part, can you guys imagine the day of the bridal shower?? it's going to be a close knit thing so it will be very interesting..me am as cool as a cucumber (sorry I had to say that hehehe), ki lon kan mi (what is my own)..I will just mind my own business. Also imagine the group picture..hahahahahaha...which ofcourse am going to endeavour not to be in..that is ehn kubayaaa..we are all one big happy family.

I will make sure I let you know how it pans out...asides all that it should be a fun fun shower!

Enjoy your week ;-)

Happy Hump day! Wednesdays are always not too bad because you know once you cross over the weekend is near, how y’all doing? Hope the week is going good. My week’s been pretty ok, no complaints yet and hopefully none at all.

So I remembered one tori like this that I wanted to share with you guys. Brace yourselves o this is like Nollywood coming to real life.

Sometime last year, one of my girlfriends had asked me to follow her to the airport to pick up her girls that where coming in from Abroad, I knew one of the girls so she decided to fill me in on the other one. Basically chica is one of them Lagos Shake Down Babes (LSDB) aka a Big Girl. She does whatever but picks the BIG BIG rich and wealthy whoever’s she can to get what she wants, she’s a I don’t give a hoot type chic, I mean whats a girl to do, to maintain here lace wigs, expensive bags, she gots to hustle man…me I dey fear for them home based naija babes o but that’s a topic for another day. Anyways that’s how we got to the airport, she spotted them and got all excited..she bursts out “I trust LSBD!!” You see the mutual friend we both had was jejely pushing her trolley but LSBD was strolling in front while some dude was behind pushing hers! So my friend was like am sure she met the person on the plane and has sharply organized the guy.

When they finally arrived at our car, we got down and were all hugs with our mutual friend. I turned around to say hello to LSBD only for me to see the dude who was pushing her cart…am like WHAAATTTT??!?!?! UNCLE is this you?? The guy was one of my uncles!!, not blood but you know how we call everyone uncle, anyways that’s besides the point, back to the storyyy! I have never seen anyone want the ground to open up and swallow them immediately! He’s eyes got bloodshot, he started sweating, coughing and smiling… “ehnn Abeni, how you??  I was just at the airport I missed my flight yesterday and saw my friend so I decided to help her to the car” see bold face lie o, how did you miss your flight yesterday but suddenly appear in the airport today, and to think that he had his wife and 2 beautiful kids at home probably waiting for him.

You would think that’s the end right?? WRONG! So when it was now time to leave I said to my uncle are you not going to put her stuff in the trunk? He then cough some more and opened his mouth to say “eeeeehn Abeni, I will be dropping her at her hotel room, I don’t want to inconvenience you guys” I was like REALLYY?? See this man see JJC o. That’s when it all clicked, he had probably told my aunt that he was travelling the night before, got their hotel room and was waiting patiently for LSBD to come so he can have a gooooooood time with her, after all she’s only 20 something yrs younger than him..no big deal! I just burst out laughing and of course also shot him a nasty look on the side. We said our goodbye’s and ofcourse talked  and laughed more about it in the car, we all couldn’t believe it, because who would think of all ppl it would have turned out to be my UNCLE!

To me this only happens in nollywood films, but I guess they need real life stories to write their scripts from and I just happened to have received a firsthand experience! Hahahahahahahaa

Enjoy the rest of your week, ;-)

Hi guys!!!

geeeeeezzzz...I have been completely MIA and that's horrid horrid of me. I didn't even say happy May day, haven't even put a post up in the whole month of May and we are almost mid way through!! sorry ppls...stuff was kind of dull for a bit then got crazy at my job, freaking 3rd round of lay-off's, you know it's bad when the person that hires you gets laid off!! mehn it was like film trick but once again Thank Master Jesus that I am still employed even if it means more work and the same pay.

So nothing really new on my end asides been diagnosed as a WORRY ADDICT, yes a dear friend did an analysis and came up with the result that I have this issue...it was actually only in relation to one aspect of my life that we were talking about but then thinking about it, I definitely worry about a lot of things in all aspects...it's crazy...giving myself unnecessary headaches...so right now am on a 40 day abstinence of trying not to worry and my friend agreed to be my Sponsor incase I slip don't know how it will work being that Sponsors are supposed to be available 24/7 and they are 6 hrs behind, what happens if I slip 9am my time...who will I reach out to?? hehehehe...anyways they told me to say this wonderful prayer called the serenity prayer, which by the way is the AA prayer but in their words am to make it my woosah prayer, here it goes

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

Isn't it a wonderful prayer, hopefully it'll see me through whatever situation am going through with added prayers for reinforcement. Asides that my weekend was great, kind of sad that it ended because I wouldn't see my loverman for almost a month, mummy is in town and we know how that goes, no visiting for a lil while. So I will try not to go away for too long and am currently still trying to catch up on blogs so see you on yours. Have a great wk ;-)

Hallo hallo, hope you guys are good. I am alive and well after surviving another week of boot camp! It wasn’t as intense as the last time and one of my girls came with me so it was fun. We ended up staying for Pilates and can I say that Pilates is the TRUTH! Ladies if you hate the gym, this class will make you want to go every gaddem day! I mean I cannot wait till I get as flexible as most of the other efiko’s in the class. If you see all the positions these ladies and 1 particular Dancer guy were doing, I think my eye opened well well. So my workout regime is definitely going to be Boot Camp for Cardio and Toning, Pilates for Ab work out and Flexibility, it’s going to be great. Anyways not much is happening asides that, new week and I definitely have a new outlook on life, which I am excited about. Aaah BSNC tagged me in the 8 meme thingie so here it is~


8 Things I look forward to
1. April 30th – pay day and every 2 wks after that

2. Mummy bringing Snails, Asun (peppered goat meat) and Yam!
3. Being Debt Free
4. Getting into Business School
5. Having a nice relationship with Baba God
6. Getting Married and having a wonderful and blessed family
7. The KoKo Mansion show - Dbanj’s version of flavor of love. Can we say DRAMA!
8.This coming weekend

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Went to Church
2. Went to the spa – much needed
3. Took a nap
4. Ate good food
5. Talked to mummy, damn forgot to give her my list of goodies
6. Went to the pharmacy and almost got home before realizing that I left what I went to buy
7. Procrastinated on doing laundry till it was too late
8. Watched my “We” and ‘TLC” shows

8 Things I wish to do
1. Get this damn GMAT exam out the way

2. Do Laundry like ASAP
3. Listen to Wande Coal’s CD all day every day!
4. Buy anything I want without blinking my eye or thinking what I could be using the money for
5. Book my Caribbean trip ASAP also…I always go somewhere every yr, don’t see why this should be an exception
6. Get a new Black Berry, javelin is calling my name
7. Buy some nice sandals for the summer
8. Eat more fruits, you know I actually ate a whole lot of fruits back home.
 I wonder why it changed?! Have to fix soonest

8 shows I watch
(so no particular favorites but……)
1. Most VHI shows, Flavour of Love..yes yes its not on but am sure he’ll be back soon
3. Most *cough cough* wedding shows on WE tv..you know them ladies on Bridezilla’s crack all of me up
4. Weeds
5. Entourage
6. TLC shows, whatever I catch that is interesting or just downright funny; toddlers and tiaras..hella funny

7. Family Guy
8. Bravo Shows esp Project Runway, although heard they are now going to show it on lifetime..eek

Ok I don’t have 8 bloggers to tag cuz everyone has been tagged. Pls do it if you want to J


Enjoy your week  ;-)