Hallo hallo, hope you guys are good. I am alive and well after surviving another week of boot camp! It wasn’t as intense as the last time and one of my girls came with me so it was fun. We ended up staying for Pilates and can I say that Pilates is the TRUTH! Ladies if you hate the gym, this class will make you want to go every gaddem day! I mean I cannot wait till I get as flexible as most of the other efiko’s in the class. If you see all the positions these ladies and 1 particular Dancer guy were doing, I think my eye opened well well. So my workout regime is definitely going to be Boot Camp for Cardio and Toning, Pilates for Ab work out and Flexibility, it’s going to be great. Anyways not much is happening asides that, new week and I definitely have a new outlook on life, which I am excited about. Aaah BSNC tagged me in the 8 meme thingie so here it is~


8 Things I look forward to
1. April 30th – pay day and every 2 wks after that

2. Mummy bringing Snails, Asun (peppered goat meat) and Yam!
3. Being Debt Free
4. Getting into Business School
5. Having a nice relationship with Baba God
6. Getting Married and having a wonderful and blessed family
7. The KoKo Mansion show - Dbanj’s version of flavor of love. Can we say DRAMA!
8.This coming weekend

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Went to Church
2. Went to the spa – much needed
3. Took a nap
4. Ate good food
5. Talked to mummy, damn forgot to give her my list of goodies
6. Went to the pharmacy and almost got home before realizing that I left what I went to buy
7. Procrastinated on doing laundry till it was too late
8. Watched my “We” and ‘TLC” shows

8 Things I wish to do
1. Get this damn GMAT exam out the way

2. Do Laundry like ASAP
3. Listen to Wande Coal’s CD all day every day!
4. Buy anything I want without blinking my eye or thinking what I could be using the money for
5. Book my Caribbean trip ASAP also…I always go somewhere every yr, don’t see why this should be an exception
6. Get a new Black Berry, javelin is calling my name
7. Buy some nice sandals for the summer
8. Eat more fruits, you know I actually ate a whole lot of fruits back home.
 I wonder why it changed?! Have to fix soonest

8 shows I watch
(so no particular favorites but……)
1. Most VHI shows, Flavour of Love..yes yes its not on but am sure he’ll be back soon
3. Most *cough cough* wedding shows on WE tv..you know them ladies on Bridezilla’s crack all of me up
4. Weeds
5. Entourage
6. TLC shows, whatever I catch that is interesting or just downright funny; toddlers and tiaras..hella funny

7. Family Guy
8. Bravo Shows esp Project Runway, although heard they are now going to show it on lifetime..eek

Ok I don’t have 8 bloggers to tag cuz everyone has been tagged. Pls do it if you want to J


Enjoy your week  ;-)

13 Responses

  1. BSNC Says:

    thats nice.. you are getting the hang of it

    hmm yummy.. keep my own share of the asun o. lol koko mansion.. where are they showing that..

    lol you do the laundry now haba..

    have a lovely week too :)

  2. Bibi Says:

    Can't wait for the koklet mansion show too. As for the gym classes, pilates are always fun. And the summer sandals, buy some for me too. lol

  3. Tee Says:

    nice blog girl.............why is ANTM 2? its supposed to be 1!!! lol, meanwhile i am wondering what aminat is still doing there.

  4. RocNaija Says:

    Snails????? Asun?????

    Across which border????

  5. Chei Snails ooo. Kai!
    Roc, peeps dey freeze am well well and hide am for luggage. I told my mom that if she fit bring, make she bring next time.
    I never chop snail in a minute sha.

  6. BSNC Says:

    Abeni where are you??.. hope you are good :)

  7. *Abeni* Says:

    @BSNC...aww too sweet, thanks for coming back to check on me, omo drama at work o, 3rd round of layoff's...but i still have my job thank God! don't worry you get your own pack of asun for your concern :), well i'm hoping they'll put koko mansion online so we can be in on the action and as for the laundry i have to do it soonest

    yay, koko mansion fan, cant wait..if i see BOGO- buy one get one free, you will get a pair, trust me

    @Tee, thanks!! sowiee naa am just addicted to them mindless tv shows on VH1 hahaha but ANTM is top though

    @Roc..just like Original Mgbeke said, you freeze o..my mother can bring anything in this world from naija *knocks on wood*, so I get to enjoy these delicious things all the time

    @O'Mgeke...you know d deal naa, it is needed in one's life

  8. Buttercup Says:

    Hey hon..

    I wanted to go back to the gym last week after several months but my back decided to start acting up..i intend to join the pilates class..

    Howz studying going?

  9. Tairebabs Says:

    Is there really such a thing as Kokolet mansion show or r u just pulling our legs??? That will be something!

    I watch all..ok almost all shows on VH1. My idealness is a crime.

  10. Vera Ezimora Says:

    Oh, I'd really like to do that class. I think it'd be fun.

  11. *Abeni* Says:

    @B'cup get your ass back in the gym girl and make sure you take that pilates class!
    it's going...slow..but going :)

    yes there is!! once its up I will put a link to it, it will be crazy.

    yes its a fun class, esp when the lady has a smooth talking voice and you just feel tres relaxed, you should try it :)

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