~Friday is here o, finally… by tomorrow I will be a week away from my umpteenth 18th birthday, sighhhh…..feels great I must say. I’m just grateful to God that by his grace I will be able to celebrate my birthday with all my loved ones.

Anywhooo let me get to the story for today. So back in the days I believe I must have been about 8 or 9, I could not swallow medicine for nothing, I hated it soooo much that I would rather have gotten shots than take a pill, pls which normal child out there really likes needles? I did o that’s how much I didn’t like swallowing. That’s how I now decided to be sick o, I think I had malaria don’t really remember right now and you know naija pharmacy now, they will write on that their plastic bag they used to put the medicine in “take pill 1x daily for 14 days” , gosshhh it was like nightmare for me….now I tried on my own to swallow and it wasn’t working…mumsie would have to crush it for me to take it, then ofcourse she didn’t have time for that so in came the eba trick. The problem with the trick was that my mum told me the medicine was in the eba, so of course I searched for the medicine in the eba… I would chew the eba looking for it and once I found it, I just excused myself from the table saying I had to go to the bathroom, then I did the unthinkable…but I had to first pray to God (you know now), *ahem*, this was my prayer , “ God, please forgive, don’t let mummy be angry at me..but I can’t swallow this medicine, I know you’ll make me feel better” and guess what happened next?? I flushed it down the toilet! This was my routine for a couple of days and for the life of my mum she couldn’t tell why I wasn’t recovering as fast as I should.

So that’s how we were going to Tejousho market and I made the mistake of telling the driver, hmnnn before I knew it when my mum got in the car, the driver just spilled the beans on me…I should have known that drivers always had it in for me, read my previous post to get the jist. Can I just say that my mum was livid as hell, she shouted at me o and to make matters worster than worst she told everyone in that tejousho market what I had done hahahahhha..it wasn’t funny back then o, I just wanted to go home and cry mehn, so ofcourse my mum made sure every night after that she watched me swallow the medicine…and lets just say I damn well had to find a way to do it, cuz that woman wasn’t letting me out her sight until I did it.

Enjoy your weekend ;-) ~

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  1. BSNC Says:

    I think i prefer needles to medicine, so i am that normal kid..lol

    lol your mum means bizness. Although i prefer needles to medicine, when my dad or mum wants to give me injection. i will be missing for hours( under the bed..lol). they will look for me eh..

  2. leggy Says:

    ha ha ha ....i dnt prefer needles...i love drugs oh.those long needles!!ewww

  3. *Abeni* Says:

    @BSNC...aww we are in the same camp, although I don't know if Ican say the same now though..weird! hahahahahaha..am sure they were looking!
    @leggy...hehehe, mehn needles and I were padi's back then

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