Happy Hump day! Wednesdays are always not too bad because you know once you cross over the weekend is near, how y’all doing? Hope the week is going good. My week’s been pretty ok, no complaints yet and hopefully none at all.

So I remembered one tori like this that I wanted to share with you guys. Brace yourselves o this is like Nollywood coming to real life.

Sometime last year, one of my girlfriends had asked me to follow her to the airport to pick up her girls that where coming in from Abroad, I knew one of the girls so she decided to fill me in on the other one. Basically chica is one of them Lagos Shake Down Babes (LSDB) aka a Big Girl. She does whatever but picks the BIG BIG rich and wealthy whoever’s she can to get what she wants, she’s a I don’t give a hoot type chic, I mean whats a girl to do, to maintain here lace wigs, expensive bags, she gots to hustle man…me I dey fear for them home based naija babes o but that’s a topic for another day. Anyways that’s how we got to the airport, she spotted them and got all excited..she bursts out “I trust LSBD!!” You see the mutual friend we both had was jejely pushing her trolley but LSBD was strolling in front while some dude was behind pushing hers! So my friend was like am sure she met the person on the plane and has sharply organized the guy.

When they finally arrived at our car, we got down and were all hugs with our mutual friend. I turned around to say hello to LSBD only for me to see the dude who was pushing her cart…am like WHAAATTTT??!?!?! UNCLE is this you?? The guy was one of my uncles!!, not blood but you know how we call everyone uncle, anyways that’s besides the point, back to the storyyy! I have never seen anyone want the ground to open up and swallow them immediately! He’s eyes got bloodshot, he started sweating, coughing and smiling… “ehnn Abeni, how you??  I was just at the airport I missed my flight yesterday and saw my friend so I decided to help her to the car” see bold face lie o, how did you miss your flight yesterday but suddenly appear in the airport today, and to think that he had his wife and 2 beautiful kids at home probably waiting for him.

You would think that’s the end right?? WRONG! So when it was now time to leave I said to my uncle are you not going to put her stuff in the trunk? He then cough some more and opened his mouth to say “eeeeehn Abeni, I will be dropping her at her hotel room, I don’t want to inconvenience you guys” I was like REALLYY?? See this man see JJC o. That’s when it all clicked, he had probably told my aunt that he was travelling the night before, got their hotel room and was waiting patiently for LSBD to come so he can have a gooooooood time with her, after all she’s only 20 something yrs younger than him..no big deal! I just burst out laughing and of course also shot him a nasty look on the side. We said our goodbye’s and ofcourse talked  and laughed more about it in the car, we all couldn’t believe it, because who would think of all ppl it would have turned out to be my UNCLE!

To me this only happens in nollywood films, but I guess they need real life stories to write their scripts from and I just happened to have received a firsthand experience! Hahahahahahahaa

Enjoy the rest of your week, ;-)

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  1. Jayla. Says:

    lolllllllll, real nollywood gist. Na wah for uncle o

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LMAO..kaii, lol true sha I'm sure they need these kinda real life stories.

  3. Lol.
    Uncle!!! A den pe yin ni broda! Lol
    Shameless man!

  4. Sulihp Says:

    wow..smh..mehnnn,all i keep thinking about is the wife and kids...may God keep us far away from men like this

  5. *Abeni* Says:

    no be real wah! I was just soo suprised!

    yes oo...i always wondered where they got their unbelievable story lines from

    @ Confessions


  6. mehn..Naija men are something else... but Abeni, you sef see as u take embarrass the guy

  7. *Abeni* Says:

    they are one kainn...i think i was in a state of shock that's why..so that was my first reaction hehehe

  8. LG Says:

    lolll@nollywood, na todayyyyyy :-)

  9. LG Says:
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  10. LG Says:
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  11. Anonymous Says:

    BODA AGBAYA!!!!! ahnahn!!!

  12. lol! See how people put themselves in trouble.

    BTW, are you ever going to tell the wife? Ha, that would be interesting...

  13. *Abeni* Says:

    @LG..no be today ooo hehehee!
    @Chari..real Agbaya, no mind am
    @Solomonsydelle...big trouble o! no o..he'll get his own some day.

  14. chayoma Says:

    Big tori be dis oh!
    like Scribbles me free talk, na embarrassment be dat now. you come spoil the little fun wey he wan get. but still.... the man get liver! in fact, which one be liver, na down there dey call for help! lol

    my first time here...and me like :)

  15. Chai.. See as Uncle mess imself!!!! U need to sell the rights to this story to them Fred amata o.. Correct home video setting here!

  16. *Abeni* Says:

    @ Chayoma
    hahahaha...i no spoil am o, as he enter moto with the girl after all!
    thx :)

    I really do right?? it can take so many turns just from this initial setting

  17. Buttercup Says:

    Lol daaaaaaaang! MEN! *rolls eyes*. How you been, hon?

  18. *Abeni* Says:

    don't mind them, been good B'cup! how were your exams?

  19. So aside from Hollywood and Bollywood there is also Nollywood. Cool!