Hallo Hallo!
been MIA again for a while but my mum was in town visiting from naija and I had to spend some QT with her, nothing better than having meals ready for you when you get back home from work and learning new skills in the kitchen, I mean my mum thought me how to make pounded yam in the microwave..can you beat that!, you men enjoy o! anyways she left on saturday.. :( but it's all good I have food stocked for atleast the next 2 weeks.

So Tori Tori o...this one is actually present day tori. My loverman's sister is getting married wohooo! and her friends and I are planning her bridal shower and hen night. We had already discussed a bunch of stuff and agreed on starting a message thread to include other people that want to be involved in the planning process. Anyways that's how we started the thread on facebook, and her friend was like o I'm going to need you to add "Chica" as your friend, she's expecting your request, pls send one to her, now "Chica" happened to be one of my loverman's ex's o...but from a while back so am like hey whatever, I'll add, although really there wasn't any need to since we could all discuss on the thread without being friends.

So we continued planning o, all of a sudden I noticed her friend had copied the whole message thread over into a new one and am wondering why the need for that, that's when I noticed there was a new addition: "Chica #2!" who happens to be my loverman's ex right before me! you see his sister is a cool girl and happens to be friends with his ex's so I guess they had to be involved in the planning abi, I mean its hella random sha although neither one has really said anything on the thread, I wonder if it is akward for them...but I think thats not even the funny part, can you guys imagine the day of the bridal shower?? it's going to be a close knit thing so it will be very interesting..me am as cool as a cucumber (sorry I had to say that hehehe), ki lon kan mi (what is my own)..I will just mind my own business. Also imagine the group picture..hahahahahaha...which ofcourse am going to endeavour not to be in..that is ehn kubayaaa..we are all one big happy family.

I will make sure I let you know how it pans out...asides all that it should be a fun fun shower!

Enjoy your week ;-)
8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    God luck with that o!

    Are you going to remove her from your friends list after the shower?

    Jus wondering...lol

  2. BSNC Says:

    Babe this you appearing and vanishing act.

    Hmm so you have been eating mummys food, see enjoyment o. All i want is stewed snail..

    lol abeg give us feedback, i want hear tori.

    Before you vanish again, abeg buzz me @bsnc101@yahoo.com

  3. RocNaija Says:

    Lol.. Just keep your eyes glued on any of them that picks up a knife to cut the cake..
    Worse things have been known to happen.. by mistake of course. :-D

  4. *Abeni* Says:

    @Brokeass...thank you o, I should even remove her now because really and truly nothing has been said btw the 2 of us even on the thread hehehehehe...we'll see sha, whatchu think?

    @BSNC..are you minding me, hopefully i'm back now o and the snail just finished a couple days ago, I stretched it man. I will send you a msg

    @Roc..Abi o, you never know with these things hehehe...BLOOD OF JESUS will cover me against such..plus having my own pocket knife too hehehe

  5. Buttercup Says:

    Lol I learned the microwave trick too..hehe! Hmm that's gonna be one interesting hen night..damn..lol!

  6. *Abeni* Says:

    @B'cup isnt it the best..and you damn right, should be fun :) hehehehe

  7. bumight Says:

    this reminds me of one of my friends who had her current toaster-soon-to-be-boyfriend, ex and bestfriend/wanna-be-boyfriend at her sister's wedding!

  8. *Abeni* Says: